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Title: Catering10/25/2016 7:25:55 PM
Hope you are doing fantastic!Hi, my name is Alex Wheat Jr. One of the newest members of the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles. You may be curious as to exactly who that is. We are professional indoor football team apart of the Indoor Football League. It is our very first season as a franchise and we need help from the people in our community. The biggest trend and benefit of being apart of a team in the IFL is having the luxury of not having to pay for food or housing expenses. It's a nice gesture from team owners for all the hard work players put in every week. This is why I am reaching out to you. I am here to ask for your help and if you'd be willing to help the cause of your newest professional team here in Utah. In most cases a restaurant will offer a discount of $10-$15 or a free entree to PLAYERS, COACHES AND STAFF ONLY. There are about 20-25 players on a team and about 5-10 coaches/staff members. This is usually given out on a weekly basis or whenever you feel you want to distribute the discounts to Eagles members. The discount is usually put on a card that reads a little something like this:$10 off meal purchase(tip not included)Screaming Eagles Members only.We make sure we take care of waiters/waitresses when dining in NO MATTER WHAT.But ultimately what you decide to offer is up to you. We would appreciate all the help we can get.If this is something you think you would like to help out with, feel free to reach out to me or our team president Thom Carter @, there is another opportunity that benefits you by way of advertisement. At an indoor football game there is a padded wall that surrounds the field. On that wall are tons of signs that have advertisements such as food, car dealerships, restoration companies and all types of neat businesses. So as the action goes on, people are always seeing your company under the bright lights. We will be playing at the Maverik Center in West Valley which gets tons of traffic for sporting events. It would be the perfect opportunity to strut your stuff.Thanks for taking the time out to take a look at this! Hope to hear from you soon.Go Screaming Eagles! Alex Wheat Jr.
Title: 10/13/2016 8:37:37 AM
Hi Bronson,Is December 10 available to have our annual Nikkei senior luncheon? Faye
Title: Cleaning1/7/2016 2:19:31 PM
My family just ate here yesterday and were seated in the large open area in the back. The center lazy susan at our table was extremely dirty, the plates at our table (which we didn't need to use, but were at all the tables) were dirty and had old food stuck them. The main seating area smelled very bad from the lobster tanks. And our food was not very good. The chicken was somewhat pink, and I'm not sure if it was undercooked or gristle. My sons sweet and sour chicken tasted funny and the chicken meat didn't look very good. I'm not sure if it was the smell and dirty environment that made the food very unappetizing or the food itself, but I was very disappointed. I really like the pon pon chicken, but I could not get myself to eat it.The food also came out at very different times. Some had their food after 10 minutes, while others had to wait an hour. And a side note: the emergency exits in the back seating area were both blocked and one locked. That is against the law. Very disappointed, I really liked this restaurant but I will not be back. I only takes one bad experience unfortunately.
Title: Claire Branch1/4/2016 1:08:47 PM
Hello,Happy New Year…..If you need cash for renovations or expansion for 2016 projects...….feel free to call….Claire Branch 850-544-4142
Title: Incorrect order1/28/2016 8:10:30 PM
I ordered 2 dinner combos and an appetizer sampler. Everything was correct EXCEPT we only recieved some of the sides for the 2nd combo. We only got shrimp, egg roll, wontons for a single order. Displeasing. Otherwise good service.
Title: Take Out1/18/2016 5:10:42 PM
Ordered take out tonight. Arrived before expected. The food was delicious. Excellent!!
Title: open?1/1/2016 11:43:21 AM
Are you guys open? We have been trying to call in an order for 20 min and no one picks up the phone
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