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Title: 2020/9/30 11:13:16
My name is Kevin with Master Lu's Health Center. We have some plates and small bowls with Chinese writing on them from a Restaurant that the owner had years ago and we were wondering if you are interested in buying them. If you are interested in seeing what they look like, I can send you pictures. If you are interested please let me know.
Title: 2020/6/26 13:14:50
Do you have egg pho young
Title: 2020/5/22 19:28:18
I ordered dinner for two. The appetizer is a lettuce wrap. I only got lettuce. It was not even warm. Very disappointed. You dine in was better.
Title: 2020/5/15 18:18:02
Are you open? I just paid for an order through door dash for Smith. Can you put chopsticks in and note there are 2 orders of steamed bbq pork. Why are your phones not working?
Title: 2020/4/21 13:49:29
We are preparing for National Nurses week which is held on May 6th – May 12th annually. Would your establishment be able to donate 1 - $25.00 gift cards for the event? I have attached a letter and have included our tax ID number 87-6000525. Thank you in advance for considering. If you would prefer, you can mail the gift cards to my office at: Kristina McAfee University of Utah Health 50 North Medical Drive, Room 2521 Salt Lake City, Utah 84132
Title: 2020/4/13 10:44:03
I left an email on Saturday, 4/11/20. I still have not received a response! You need to make this right. I know you are not answering the phones, and obviously you are not replying to emails either.
Title: 2020/4/12 13:52:18
Service over the phone was VERY RUDE!!! I chose to buy from them instead of a large chain due to the Corona Virus. I wanted my money to go towards a more local establishment. The lady on the phone was very ignorant! I asked her to not put certain veggies in the order just like I do every time I eat there. I even told her I would be fine waiting longer if need be (even though just omitting something should take less time) I was very dissatisfied and chose to only get 2 items instead of the meals I would normally get which is around $60. Unfortunately I resorted to going to a corporate establishment.
Title: 2020/4/11 17:27:03
I ordered dinner from you tonight thru Grub Hub and have been trying to call. I ordered to dinners that should have come with a soup, salad and fried rice and we only received that for 1 dinner and then we were shorted an egg roll also. which I pd for. This is Wendy Jensen, I don't know what other info you need, but I think I should get reimbursed for those items not received.
Title: 2020/4/10 15:07:33
Hi I just placed phone order And didn't realize the dragon and Phoenix was spicy M is it too late to change it to sesame chicken please The order was under the name Wilkerson
Title: 2020/2/14 19:39:30
I just ordered delivery and nobody seems to be answering 8017472888. I paid for 4 items and I got regular rice when I paid for shrimp fried rice. Please reach out to me and make this right, thank you.
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