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Title: Kevin Murphy2/11/2016 10:14:35 AM
I’m Kevin Murphy, Regional Sales Director, “How Did We Serve You.” I would like help you to increase your customer retention and more effectively manage and improve overall customer satisfaction in your Red Maple establishment through our managed customer feedback service offering.Vetting customer feedback by hand is time consuming and takes you away from what you should be focusing on… running your business, increasing sales, and ensuring good word-of-mouth consumer references to grow your small business. IT’S AN UNDENIABLE FACT, today, that your customers are briefly researching your business online. This wasn’t the case just a few years ago, but today it’s a fact that every small business is at risk of a disgruntled customer review that will cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in potential lost sales. And informative mentions in the feedback from your customers is always valuable, if you can act on it to improve your diner’s experience.Reaching out to customers who might provide noteworthy, praising or informative feedback in a way that will help you to improve sales is very a very important aspect of managing your business. Additionally, your customers want to feel that their feedback is appreciated and relevant. And you might even want to promptly reward and recognize them for their continued support and patronage. As you likely understand, without customer feedback, golden opportunities to improve their overall experience and satisfaction may be missed.Our pilot efforts in our pilot Atlanta region have seen tremendous success with the subscribing eatery businesses we are working with. Both single and multi-location restaurants are excited about the impact our service of collecting customer feedback and managing their loyalty rewards offerings has brought to their establishments. We also provide tools to describe data trends and patterns the feedback generates. They especially enjoy that our core model is to vet the feedback immediately upon receipt, discover important feedback that might affect customer retention or acquisition, and return the flagged feedback, enabling you with the rare opportunity to go out and interact with the person submitting it in real-time. We offer to manage vetting your customer’s feedback for responses that might impact satisfaction or retention issues; to distribute your loyalty offering to them; and to provide data management tools that help to understand trends and relationships. We also help you to set up and customize your feedback form as often as you want, and whenever you choose, all at a very reasonable cost—especially considering the benefit—$299 account set-up, and an additional $50 signing purchase of the first 100 customer feedback responses at the standard cost of 50-cents per-response. Thereafter, you only pay 50-cents per feedback for life, as a subscribing company to our service… no further monthly or annual subscriber costs, ever.If you would like to discuss how I can help you to increase your customer retention and acquisition, please call or email me. Thanks for this moment of your valuable time. Kevin Murphy, Regional Sales Director Phone: (801) 637-7761Kevinmurphy@howdidweserveyou.com
Title: Poor service12/27/2015 5:03:10 PM
Have ordered from here multiple times and get the General Tso chicken or dragon and phoenix in a dinner combination and it has never been an issue until today. Normally it is just a $2 extra charge and there is no issue however the lady answering the phone today refuses to do it and says it is your policy and has quite the attitude. I have been ordering from here for over a year and have never had this issue before. The service is inconsistent. Will be taking my business elsewhere where I can order and actually get what I want without an attitude.
Title: Christmas day 201512/25/2015 6:41:39 PM
called twice this evening to place an order for pick up- the female answered and put me on hold for 15min the first time and hung up on me. I called again and she put me on hold again it was another 15min! Thumbs down young lady, thumbs down! This was around 7p
Title: Open christmas12/25/2015 12:18:32 PM
Are you open?
Title: Customer11/13/2016 7:40:49 PM
My husband and I went here to try it. Everything was going find, then the waiter comes back to take our order. HE DIDNT EVEN LOOK US IN THE EYE! He kept looking at the other end of the restaurant. I order the mangolion chicken lunch special and it comes with a spicy sauce I asked if he could take it off. When he asked what soup I wanted he said them all so fast I couldn't tell what they had. Got the egg soup, that was good. He didn't acknowledge our son and ask if we wanted anything for him. (That I don't mind too much about). When our meals can out they put the spicy sauce on the chicken when I asked NOT to have it. So he put my husbands food down and walked away so I'm sitting there watching my husband eat until 5-10 mins later my food came out. And it was huge portions. We both had to take most of our food home. Once home I got sick. Throwing up and diarrhea all night long. Into the that whole day. Luckily I got sick Saturday night so all Sunday I was able to stay a vegetable throwing up and running to the bathroom every hour. My husband who was not as bad as me also got sick. So we threw our leftovers away. The only good thing was we were in and out of there in an hour. So if you want fast, gross, and cheap food where there is a good chance you'll get sick please eat here :)
Title: NOT happy11/10/2016 5:24:52 PM
Ordered Dinner for two. Was not asked if we wanted ham fried or white rice. Received white, wanted ham fried. No chocolate sauce with the ONE piece of cheesecake. Still confused as to why the dinner for two only has one dessert. I am requesting a significant discount on my next order for my dissatisfaction.
Title: Student Etiquette dinner10/7/2016 10:31:50 AM
I am looking at planning an etiquette dinner for my students. I would like to know how many people you can accommodate in your banquet area? Also do you have microphone capability in that area for a guest speaker?Thank you
Title: Dine in is better.10/31/2015 11:43:39 AM
Went there for lunch, very fresh yummy. Got take out and it seemed reheated, not at all fresh.
Title: 10/30/2015 5:51:13 PM
On October 30th at 3:42 pm I phoned in a delivery order. My phone
Title: 10/26/2016 10:35:39 AM
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