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Title: 2019/6/8 3:49:45
Title: 2019/6/24 13:23:33
I work for a company called Incomm, third party gift card distribution company. We represent gift card sales within Sam's Clubs in the US. They are interested in carrying your gift cards within the local club. When you have time, I can convey the details over the phone. 801-836-6545
Title: 2019/6/14 12:06:19
Hey! I'm actually reaching out from Postmates, one of the biggest delivery services in the country. Our customers LOVE your food, and they really want it delivered through Postmates! Let's make that possible. Give me a call at 615.463.5033
Title: 2019/5/15 21:33:57
Seeing if owner Bronson Tang went to North Hollywood High?
Title: 2019/2/6 11:33:41
Hello, I am the Account Executive with OpenTable Utah. I hope all is well! I see you are using Door Dash and wanted to reach out. We have a similar program with OpenTable, but it is for diners coming into your restaurant. We provide a full profile for your restaurant on our website and mobile app – no cost to set up – and you would only pay if we send you diners that eat in at your restaurant. As an example, 10 diners in one week would cost you $25. No other costs. No contract. Your restaurant would be listed here - I hope you will be interested in learning more details and maybe trying the program please let me know. Thank you, Patrick 303-990-1363
Title: 2019/1/7 21:10:42
NEVER RECEIVED MY ONLINE ORDER. Waited for the hour I was told it would take to get my order. Nothing. Called the restaurant. They are closed.
Title: 2019/1/19 20:09:26
This is the best Chinese food in this state and the people are wonderful I go once a week at least
Title: 2019/1/12 8:53:13 yac8s2lpjxrsrs4hffe6nkv44plw8vd6p2kpdfcf1vraqb96wd xF8N2UYAot
Title: 2018/7/12 18:22:14
I’m so sad you don’t accept online orders after 7:00pm. I was prepared to order approx $150 in dinner items for last-minute get together but we had to go pizza instead. We all love your food, oh well...
Title: 2018/6/9 8:22:03 yoeyon5vby30l1yv5ceil0718ees3crkka4r9wmf36ghcvpl6w KSm4Pnzk
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