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Title: 2021/3/2 13:43:50
Good afternoon, My name is Teresa and I am volunteering on behalf of St Francis Xavier Catholic school. I am reaching out to you for a donation request for our annual From the Heart auction. I have can send you our letter with all the importation information you will need. We know the time is close (April 19, 2021) and things will be different this year because of the covid restrictions. But I feel we have provided a great way to advertise your donation and also raise funds for a beautiful school. Please let me know if a donation from you will be possible this year? You can mail the donation to the address listed on the letter. You may address it to Beth Lewis or me. Or we would be happy to come and pick it up. Thank you so much for the donations you have made in the past. Please remember this donation helps our community and our students here at St Francis Xavier School. We appreciate and support your business! Thank you for your consideration, Teresa Leming
Title: 2021/2/9 20:37:02
Ordered a chicken egg foo yung on Feb 9, 2021. Had a metal shard inside the food. No injury. But please be more diligent
Title: 2021/2/26 19:28:23
Redeemed! Even though the pick up was disorganized the food was great! Definitely recommend them for GF- my wife loved her orange peel chicken.
Title: 2021/2/26 17:04:03
I totally understand being busy at the dinner hr but not sending conf emails and then not having ANYONE avail to answer the phone or ask questions to is unacceptable. The guy at the door was very rude and had no information. You already have my money I would like my food- its already 15 min past pick up time.
Title: 2021/2/2 22:54:15
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Title: 2021/2/17 9:19:46
Ordered take out on 2-16-21 my sweet and sour chicken was burnt and dry. And worse the pork egg fuyoung was burnt too couldn't even cut it. Then a week prior the forgot my rice . I won't be going there for a while spend money for food thats not very good. And have people waiting out in the cold. Should open back up to dine in until then you have lost our business needs improvement or going to lose more clients
Title: 2020/9/6 20:37:46
We’ve tried a few other places but your food is the best .. Don’t change anything just keep putting out good quality food and keep your restaurant clean and in good shape both inside and out. Alan in Murray
Title: 2020/9/30 11:13:16
My name is Kevin with Master Lu's Health Center. We have some plates and small bowls with Chinese writing on them from a Restaurant that the owner had years ago and we were wondering if you are interested in buying them. If you are interested in seeing what they look like, I can send you pictures. If you are interested please let me know.
Title: 2020/6/26 13:14:50
Do you have egg pho young
Title: 2020/5/22 19:28:18
I ordered dinner for two. The appetizer is a lettuce wrap. I only got lettuce. It was not even warm. Very disappointed. You dine in was better.
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