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Title: 2019/2/6 11:33:41
Hello, I am the Account Executive with OpenTable Utah. I hope all is well! I see you are using Door Dash and wanted to reach out. We have a similar program with OpenTable, but it is for diners coming into your restaurant. We provide a full profile for your restaurant on our website and mobile app – no cost to set up – and you would only pay if we send you diners that eat in at your restaurant. As an example, 10 diners in one week would cost you $25. No other costs. No contract. Your restaurant would be listed here - I hope you will be interested in learning more details and maybe trying the program please let me know. Thank you, Patrick 303-990-1363
Title: 2019/1/7 21:10:42
NEVER RECEIVED MY ONLINE ORDER. Waited for the hour I was told it would take to get my order. Nothing. Called the restaurant. They are closed.
Title: 2019/1/19 20:09:26
This is the best Chinese food in this state and the people are wonderful I go once a week at least
Title: 2019/1/12 8:53:13 yac8s2lpjxrsrs4hffe6nkv44plw8vd6p2kpdfcf1vraqb96wd xF8N2UYAot
Title: 2018/7/12 18:22:14
I’m so sad you don’t accept online orders after 7:00pm. I was prepared to order approx $150 in dinner items for last-minute get together but we had to go pizza instead. We all love your food, oh well...
Title: 2018/6/9 8:22:03 yoeyon5vby30l1yv5ceil0718ees3crkka4r9wmf36ghcvpl6w KSm4Pnzk
Title: 2018/6/24 22:34:32
Can I make a reservation for aug 10th in the evening for about 40 to 50 people? Do you have a catering family style menu I can see?
Title: 2018/5/29 15:27:28
they have a 3 mile radius for delivery, i was 4 miles away (9) minuets away, they told me i was too far. lol sounds like laziness.
Title: 2018/5/12 6:35:06 lyhgpjqiymtd2wi1cpjbzyv2hq9uc9y6rnjldyxrsc61qmpruv qYv6gb7R
Title: 2018/5/12 18:26:19
When I order delivery, who does my tip go to? Hopefully the delivery driver. Please let me know.
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